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I made this Divi tutorials website because I’ve been designing websites off and on since 2001. I started with HTML and then PHP and then Flash until the iPhone came out and pretty much put an end to that. Then CSS for most of my styling. I tried Joomla and failed. Then WordPress, but I never used WordPress themes. I just created my own templates and went from there. Then one day I was perusing the web and found Elegant Themes and they were touting this new product they were about to launch called Divi. To be honest, I wanted to use their MyCuisine theme (until I realized it wasn’t responsive, and I had just started dabbling in making sites that were responsive).

Well, they launched Divi pretty much the same week that I signed up. Since I have a business and I’m used to investing money for long term benefit (don’t ask how much I’ve spent on video and camera equipment), I went ahead and signed up for the lifetime membership. I even became an affiliate marketer, which means when you make a purchase I may receive a commission, although I think I’ll keep my day job. Read my Divi review for more information on my thoughts on the Elegant Themes WordPress theme.

Like my headline says, I’m just an average dude. I’m building this Divi tutorials website because hopefully my trials and tribulations are the same ones you’re going through and you can learn from my mistakes and insights. My main job is not as a website designer, it’s as a public relations consultant (read: I can write and communicate clearly) and as a video / advertising guru (read: pretty creative fellow). Therefore I don’t speak in website speak, so hopefully my information will not be confusing to the average Joe and Jane.

Thanks for stopping by.

It's A Divi World Out There. Discover It With Me.


Find tutorials for Divi, WordPress, Photography, Design and other things that will help a web designer.


I list some of my favorite plugins that make using Divi even easier than it already is.


As a photographer, web designer, film maker and advertising agency owner, I use a lot of tools. So every now and again I review one or do a tutorial using them.

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Divi Essential Is A Useful and Time Saving Plugin

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MailerLite is an affordable, easy-to-use newsletter and email marketing platform

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Delete Spam Comments in Bulk Without Plugin on Cloudways

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