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W ant to build your Divi website offline, but don’t know how? I suggest you try MAMP. It’s the software program that will turn your computer into a testing server, so that it can run WordPress (and therefore WordPress’s best theme Divi). It comes complete with MySQL and PHP.

You can download MAMP here and then watch the video I created on YouTube below.

What Is MAMP?

MAMP is a program that was originally created for the macOS, but there is a Windows version available too. In fact, I use the Windows version and everything I write relates to that version (I have never used the macOS version, so cannot attest to whether or not what I describe works for it).

Essentially, MAMP is a local, development server program (or as I continue to write — testing server) that includes everything the user needs to run WordPress on his or her home or work computer (PC).

Why Do You Need a Testing Server?

Well, try installing WordPress and Divi on your computer without a development server (I mean, testing server). You can’t. It needs PHP and MySQL to run.

Are There Other Programs To Turn Local Computers Into Server?

There sure are. I’ve tried three of them. MAMP, WAMP and XAMP. I used WAMP for a long, long time, but kept having issues with it. For one, I wanted to run it on another hard drive, the one that I use for websites, but I couldn’t. And every time I wanted to work on a website, I had to manually change it over from the C drive to my website hard drive. That got tiresome. I don’t have to do that with MAMP, which is why I ultimately decide to go with it

Can You Build Multiple Sites Using MAMP and Divi?

Yes. The video above shows how to create multiple folders in your MAMP/htdocs director, which essentially become separate websites. I typically have my DiviDude website, a couple of affiliate type websites, and every client website that I’m building on my local computer.

Do Your Need A Special Computer?

Not really. Anything that’s relatively modern with Windows 10 64-bit should work, but just in case, read the requirements for MAMPand see if your computer meets them. If not, build your own, or buy a complete rig.  I prefer to build my own.  But I’ve put MAMP on three computers, one Intel desktop, one AMD desktop and one Intel laptop. And haven’t had any issues.

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