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If you read my review of Elegant Themes subscription and Divi, then you know that when I wrote it I did not have a video review of the Divi WP theme.  Well, that has now changed. But instead of creating a video full of the features I like in Divi (which are apt to change at any moment with the number of times Divi is upgrading and adding advancements to its product), I instead focus on many of the big picture things I like.

Below are 10 Reasons of why I use Divi from Elegant Themes. This Divi WordPress theme review relates to Divi and the many updates it has added.

01. Divi’s 37 Modules
02. Divi’s Visual Builder
03. Lifetime Subscriptions
04. Multiple API Keys
05. Mailing List Integration with Bloom
06. Social Media Integration with Monarch
07. Custom CSS
08. Divi is Constantly Updated
09. Elegant Themes Support Forums
10. Divi Community

And because some of us would rather watch videos, than read a bunch of text (even wonderfully written, witty, and dare I write, some of the greatest prose ever written in the English language … too much?), I have included a video linked to my YouTube channel, which you will find at the bottom of this page.

Oh, and before I forget, if you haven’t already, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. It makes me happy (and makes YouTube happy too).

Reason 01: Divi’s 37 Modules

As of the writing of this article, Divi currently has 37 modules. Yes, 37. The modules are built to give you a quick way to add content to your site. For instance, the video above was created using the video module. For this paragraph, I am using a text module. Any, and all photos on this page, are using the image module. Now that’s just 3 of them, there are 34 more to go. I probably won’t use a pricing tables module, but could if I wanted to do. Same goes with a number counter module, or people (great for bios), or even blurb module (which I probably use second most next to the text module). What are some of the others? How about Gallery, Slider, Contact Form, Testimonial … okay, I’m not going to name them all. Elegant Themes has a website that puts them all to use, you can see them all, if you want.

And as of Divi 3.29 there are an addition 12 modules added for Woo Commerce specific pages.

Reason 02: Divi’s Visual Builder

You wanna talk about a game changer? That’s what the Divi Visual Builder is. A. Game. Changer.  The Visual Builder is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get for the acronymically challenged). The way the Divi Builder works is you have a bunch of square boxes that represent modules and you add them and type in them and then have to preview them before you can see what you did looks like. With the Visual Builder you are looking at your site as you are building it, so when you change your font, you see it; when you change the color, you see it; when you add a photo, you see it. All in real time. No more saving and then previewing. Unless you want to use the Divi Builder, which I still do sometimes. But I prefer the Visual Builder.

Reason 03: Lifetime Subscriptions

I write about the lifetime subscription in “Divi Review: Is Elegant Themes’ Worth It?” SPOILER ALERT: Yes. At least, in my humble opinion. You have a choice, you can either buy a yearly subscription, and keep paying for it over and over and over again; or you can bite the bullet once, and buy a lifetime subscription. I chose the lifetime. My reason was very simple: I knew I would make money from the Divi theme, therefore, I would rather only pay it once, suffer the hit short term, and reap the benefits as I move forward. If I had done a yearly subscription, as of this writing, I would have paid more than $100 more for the subscription than by just doing the lifetime. Yes, it’s more money upfront. But, if you plan on using the theme for years to come, it’s worth it. Why?  Because with a lifetime subscription you get all updates to every product for life. When they added the Visual Builder, Elegant Themes did not charge me more for that. When they added the Bloom and Monarch plugins, Elegant themes did not charge me more for that. I, as a lifetime subscriber, get all updates, all additional content for life. That’s what they mean by lifetime membership. (as of this writing a yearly subscription is only $89; and a lifetime is only $249).

Reason 04: Multiple API Keys

This one seems kind of silly to add. You’re probably thinking I was just adding filler, right? You probably think for this Divi theme review I could only think of 9 reasons, and I added this one for a lark. Well, if that’s what you think, you would be wrong. Multiple API Keys are awesome. AWESOME. If you only create one website, and you own it, and use Divi on just that site, then Multiple API Keys are of little use to you … so go ahead and move on to Reason 05: Mailing List Integration with Bloom.  But, if you build multiple sites, especially if you offer maintenance packages, and you don’t want your client to have lifetime access to Divi upgrades (which they will if you put the API in the Updates section in the Divi Options panel). You can create API keys for each website you create, and if for some reason the client locks you out of the admin section, you can disable their API key and they will not be able to update Divi anymore. Poof, updates go bye-bye. They still have their website, nothing changes there. They just can’t update from say Divi 3.6 to Divi 4.0 (as of this writing, that is not a thing, so don’t go looking for it).

Oh, and by the way, the “Reason” in this Divi 3 review that got left off that I was going to include was Theme Customizer (Divi Community bumped it).

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Reason 05: Mailing List Integration with Bloom

When you purchase a subscription from Elegant Themes, you not only get Divi, you get access to all their themes and plugins. One of their plugins is Bloom (another one is Monarch (see Reason 06)). I like Bloom. In fact, I use it on this website … actually, on this very page (see that newsletter signup form in the sidebar? That’s Bloom in action). Bloom is a mailing list plugin that integrates with a number of mailing list compilers, such as Aweber, Constant Contact and Mailchimp. I use it primarily with Mailchimp, but have also used it with Constant Contact with no issues. Bloom is one of the featured plugins I discuss on my Divi Plugins page. And a Divi WP theme review would not be complete without adding an Elegant Themes plugin or two in the review. Which brings me to another Elegant Themes plugin…

Reason 06: Social Media Integration with Monarch

Since I wrote this in the prior paragraph and really like it, I will repeat it — when you buy a subscription from Elegant Themes, you not only get Divi 3, you get access to all their themes and plugins. One of their plugins is Monarch (another one is Bloom (see Reason 05)). Do you see all those social media icons on the left hand side of this page (assuming you’re looking at this on a desktop)? That’s Monarch in action. The plugin allows you to share pages with a variety of options of where to place to icons (left, bottom, top, fly in, bottom corner). And with it being built by Elegant Themes, it’s easily compatible with Divi. Go ahead, give it a try and share this page. Please.

Reason 07: Custom CSS

Don’t like how Divi looks out of the box? Well, customize it then. Divi gives you plenty of places to add your own custom CSS. You can add it in the Theme Options panel, the Theme Customizer panel, the individual modules, the Divi Builder, or in your child theme. Now, you’ll need to know a thing or two about CSS (I mean, you are customizing it after all). You might want to pick up a book to help you. I also created a few tutorials on how to customize the links and other stuff. Check out my tutorials in the links above after you buy a subscription to Elegant Themes.

Reason 08: Divi is Constantly Updated

One of the things I really appreciate about Elegant Themes is that they are constantly updating their signature product – Divi. I’ve noticed many companies only do the bare minimum when it comes to updating and supporting their product. Not Elegant Themes. Divi goes through major changes continuously. Sometimes it’s to fix a bug (bugs happen), but often it’s to add new features or to overhaul Divi with major upgrades. Divi was launched with Divi 1.0 (the point number may have been slightly different, but we’ll go with .0) and when I started recording the 10 Reasons Why video it was 3.4.1 (and when I finished editing the video a week later it was 3.6). Which is about where it is as I write this. And each iteration of Divi adds to what was already a terrific theme. When 3.0 was launched, it came with the Visual Builder (see my video here of how to use it). Other updates included adding tutorials, new themes and making some of my tutorials obsolete (like adding borders and what used to be my favorite CSS hack: drop shadows to text). (okay that last part is really, really annoying). But if history is any indication, if you buy a lifetime or yearly subscription, then you will get a product that not only updates, but reinvents itself for the better … time and time again. It’s this constant reinvention that makes Divi one of the best WordPress themes out there. And it’s one of my best reasons for recommending Divi in this review.

Reason 09: Elegant Themes Support Forums

Sometimes stuff goes wrong. Sometimes we’re not as smart as we think we are. Sometimes something just doesn’t work. And when one of those sometimes things happens to you, you will be happy that Elegant Theme provides its members with support forums. The support forums cover all of their products and themes. And they don’t just fix problems, often times the support team helps you with custom css. That’s right. If Divi Dude (that’s me), doesn’t have a video or tutorial on it, perhaps the support team will give you an option to add your own customization.

Reason 10: Divi Community

The Divi Community is vast … maybe not as big as the Star Trek Community, but still.  You will find there are lots of websites, YouTube channels and social media groups that are dedicated to Divi. I belong to several, and if you subscribe to Elegant Themes, then so should you. There are resources for plugins and child themes, such as Divi Space and Divi Booster and Divi Life (I’m noticing a theme in the names). There are Facebook pages, such as Divi Theme Tutorials & Web Design Resources, or you could even join mine.

Visit our friends and see what they have to offer to help you with Divi.

Top 10 Reasons for Using Divi Video

After reading all of this, you can now watch me say it all again. This time in video form.

And if you’re convinced Divi is for you and the best deal for designing websites in WordPress, then you can get your copy here.


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