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Nikon D610 Is My Camera of Choice

Nikon D610 Is My Camera of Choice

My camera brand of choice is Nikon, and the Nikon camera I use is the D610. It’s on the lower end of their professional cameras (it costs about $1500 for just the body, so not exactly cheap), but it takes fantastic photos and is perfect for my needs.  If you’re a serious photographer, then you might consider…

Found a Great AlienBees Case For My B800s

If you’re looking for a padded soft case for your AlienBees, then you should look at the Arriba AC-412. It’s what I use. And I’ve been very happy with it. I’m not claiming the Arriba is a competitor to Porta-Brace or Pelican cases, not even close. I want to get that out of the way before I get hate mail saying these bags aren’t as good. No, they’re not. And they’re nowhere near as expensive either (or in other words — they’re cheap in comparison).

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