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T here are a bunch of good Divi plugins being developed by some really smart people. This page is dedicated to them (the best Divi plugins, not the smart people). As I discover new Divi plugins, I will add them to this page, and when I have time I will write a bigger review which I will link to the plugin for the Divi WordPress theme (if there’s no link, I haven’t had a chance to write a big review). And when I write Divi plugins, I mean plugins I use with Divi, not necessarily plugins written specifically for Divi. 🙂

Divi Plugins Worth the Money

Divi Booster

Divi Booster is a Divi plugin that just makes your life as a website developer easier. It adds about 50 functions to the already impressive Divi WordPress theme. Want an example? Here’s a video  I did showing the long way and the short way to add additional social media pages to your Divi theme (guess which plugin I used to show the short way). But it doesn’t just help with social media, it also allows you to make adjustments to sliders, headers, posts, pages, modules … like I wrote above, it does about 50 things (I write “about” because it is continuously updated with more functions). $29.

Divi Plugins Worth the Money

Before / After Module (bam)

At only $9 for unlimited use, BAM is one of those must have modules for any website designer who builds sites that show before and after photos.  Landscapers, Fitness, Medical, Car Repair, Design, Make-up, the list of sites this can be used on just goes on and on.

BAM is just one the great products from Superfly, a website full of tutorials, plugins and child themes.  Peruse their directory to see if there is anything else that you can use. Or sign up for a membership and get some terrific perks (like 25% of BAM).

Divi Plugins Worth the Money

WP Rocket

One of the biggest issues with running Divi, well any WordPress theme to be honest, is the lack of speed.  One of the best ways to combat slow websites is to run caching plugins to speed them up.  One of my favorite caching programs is WP Rocket.

WP Rocket is not free. It has a nominal cost. But if you, or your clients, use a website as a business, then you understand that often you must spend a little money to get what you want. Or, as is often the case, to get the results you need. Starting at $49.

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin
Divi Plugins Worth the Money

Short Pixel

Short Pixel is a great way to automatically resize and compress images on your WordPress site.  Compressing images will help your site run faster.  A lot of us use Photoshop to compress images, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t always do the best job.  Short Pixel not only reduces the size of an image, it does it without any loss in quality.  It supports  JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, and WebP. Give it a try. Both free and paid versions (although I recommend paid version, as you will go through your free credits much quicker than you expect).

Divi Coming Soon

Up until recently, I always used a plugin called WP-Maintenance Mode to create maintenance pages (those pages I would have up and running while I worked on a website, or when a client didn’t pay for hosting I would use it to turn off their website until they paid).  Not anymore. I now use the FREE (at least for now) Divi Coming Soon plugin from my friends at Divi Life.  This allows you to build a coming soon (or any type of page you want) and have it displayed to your visitors, while you can still work on your website while logged into the dashboard.  And if you don’t want to bother building your own page, they even offer some custom built pages for a nominal fee. And while you’re there, check out their other plugins and layouts.  You might find some stuff that’ll make your Divi Life easier … see what I did there?  Free.

Child Theme Configurator

This is the plugin I use to create child themes in Divi, although it is not a specific Divi plugin. I tried other ones, but when Divi would update it seemed to break the plugin and it got frustrating, so I switched to Child Theme Configurator and it has worked well for me so far. For more information on how to use it with Divi, see my tutorial.  Free (pro version available).

Divi Plugin Bloom Opt In Email Form


Bloom is an opt-in email plugin for WordPress that I love. I have a few sites where my clients have newsletters and using Bloom makes integration with those newsletters easy. I have used it with MailerLiteMailChimp and Constant Contact. Plus, the signup form that pops up on your page looks pretty cool (it’s customizable, so not every site will have a signup form that looks the same). There are 6 different display types from an automatic pop-up to a widget area form to a form that flies-in to more.  At some point, you may have noticed it on this site (it’ll pop-up on the bottom right hand corner). I have it set to pop-up when the user scrolls to the end of the page or after they’ve been on the site for a set amount of time (whichever occurs first).  Free with Elegant Themes subscription.


When you create a gallery with only landscape photos (horizontal), then you may not notice any cropping issues when creating the thumbnail. But the moment you add some portrait photos (vertical), you’ll run into a bunch of issues. Especially if those portrait photos are of people. You see, Divi creates the thumbnails by cropping the photo from the center, and if you’re taking a headshot of a person, then your thumbnail will consist of their mid-section and not their head. That’s why I use a third party plugin called Crop Thumbnails. I have a video tutorial where I show how I use this ever useful plugin.  Free.


This is not a Divi plugin per se, but I have used it a lot. I just had to move 5 clients to new web hosts and was really dreading the process. Guess what? With Duplicator, there was nothing to dread. I installed it, ran through a couple of steps, downloaded the files, uploaded the files, ran through a couple of steps, and voilà, my client sites were up and running as though nothing had changed. It was simple. I like simple. I did a video to show just how simple.  Free. Pro Version available (pricing varies, depending on license but starts at only $39).

Shortcodes Finder

One of the great things about Divi is they are constantly updating it and making it better. One of the worst things about Divi is they are constantly updating it and making the workarounds you used before they became obsolete (not too mention a few tutorials, thank you very much.) Before they easily added drop shadows, borders and the ability to round borders in their module settings, one of my favorite ways to do this was via shortcode from Drop Shadow Boxes, mostly when I was inserting one into a text box. Otherwise, I would just use CSS.  However, I no longer need the plugin.  When I stopped using the plugin because of Divi’s improvements, I wanted to find all the shortcodes and replace it with a Divi Module.  On this site, no biggie, it’s small enough I could easily find and replace the shortcode. But on other much larger sites, there were hundreds of posts. Shortcodes Finder easily located all my Drop Shadows Boxes shortcodes, which allowed me to redo those sections with a Divi Module instead. Free.

Code Snippet Module

This is one of those plugins that’s only going to appeal to a certain number of people.  People like me who have a need to add syntax code to websites.  But if you’re one of those people, then I recommend you get the plugin — Divi Code Snippet Module — from the creator of Divi Booster.  I tried 3 or 4 plugins in WordPress, every one of them would break eventually.  I’m not sure if it was them or Divi, but they played well together when I created the post with the code, but sooner or later I’d go to that page and the plugin wouldn’t be working. And instead of having code highlighted on my page where my readers could easily see it and copy it, it looked like a mess. Read my review$9.

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