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Oh, how I love the Custom Color Picker Palette. Oh, how I hate to try and say that fast three times. I have a confession: I used Divi for well over a year before I realized what the Custom Color Picker Palette was for. Now, I can’t live without it. I like to use the same colors over and over and over. And in the past, I would retype the color’s hex values over and over and over. Not anymore. Not with the Custom Color Picker Palette. It’s found in the Custom Theme Settings in the Divi folder on the left hand menu in WordPress.

Want to see it in action? Well, here’s a video I did.

And here’s a sentence I typed where I used all the custom colors I made for this page. Okay, that’s a little annoying, I won’t do that again.

Here’s how it works. You go to Theme Options in the Divi folder on the left hand menu in WordPress. Click on the color you want to replace and type in the color hex value you want to use. Do this for each color you want to replace. And when you’re done, click on the save changes button, and voila, you can use the Custom Color Picker Palette in the modules.

Custom Picker Palette Made Better

Since I wrote the above section, Divi’s Custom Picker Palette has gotten even better.  “How so?”, you may ask.  Well, now in addition to showing you the custom colors you’ve saved, it also lists all the recent colors you’ve used on the site by simply clikcing the “Recent” text link in the module wherever you see the palette colors.

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