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Divi Introduces Better Responsive Screen Size Previewing

By Divi Dude

With the introduction of Divi 4.7, responsive previews got a major upgrade. Whereas before you were captive by the desktop, mobile and tablet screen resolution sizes Divi thought you should be previewing, you are now able to view custom responsive screen resolution sizes of your choosing. This is a much needed and appreciated upgrade.

In addition to custom responsive screen resolution sizes, Divi has also introduced what they call “smarter rendering improvements” which means switching between the view modes has a noticeable speed increase.  Yay Divi!

Divi comes with some of the most popular phone and tablet preset screen resolution sizes.  On top where you can enter the custom sizes, you will also see a drop-down list of the most popular phone and tablet styles which has those specific sizes already baked in.

Divi Responsive Preview

Also, if you have a particular mobile size that you are checking for, and one that you check for often, then you can enter in the width dimension of that device and then select “Make Default Phone View” or “Make Default Tablet View” button to make this the default view you see when first checking your mobile views.  Making it default does not in any way hinder your ability to check other sizes either by manually entering in the sizes or choosing from the preset mobile values.

And if you don’t want to enter the dimesions, you can also drag the screen to resize by using the draggable anchors.  This comes in really handy if you want to see where your screen starts to breakdown.  I was doing this using Chrome and just dragging the browser.  So having the abilitiy in Divi makes it much more convenient.

And finally, the new responsive features allows you to view the screen size in both landscape and portrait, helping you view the website regardless of how the end user is holding their tablet or phone (we’ll assume their desktop is landscape …. although my monitor can be turned vertically, so you never know.).

If you don’t have Divi, be sure to visit Elegant Theme’s website and get it for yourself.  Might want to check out my Divi discount page first to see if you can save a few bucks.

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